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FLIS TALK丨实习生计划教会我的那些事

学期之初,我们曾报道过高中实习生计划。上周,参与该项目的三名福州西湖国际学校高中生来到FLIS Talk, 在Jon老师的提问下侃侃而谈,同MYP学子聊了聊自己的实习经历。

At the beginning of the semester, we reported on the High School Internship Program. Last week, three high school students from Fuzhou Lakeside International School, who participated in the program, came to FLIS Talk to talk about their internship experiences with MYP students, and were asked questions by Mr. Jon.


三名学子参与实习生计划的初衷相似,增长经验是他们都强调的一环。Kerim同学出身商人家庭,他想成为比父亲更优秀的商人,便打算从基层做起,了解商品、了解与顾客沟通、销售的秘诀。Jason同学则希望通过实习掌握一些将来工作所需的技能,如合作能力 、沟通能力与领导能力等等。三人实习领域不同:Kerim同学在迪卡侬学习销售管理,Jason同学在大梦书屋了解市场营销,Paul同学在FLIS幼儿园实习,培育未来。

All three students had similar motivation when they joined the internship program, and they all emphasized the importance of gaining experience: Kerim, who comes from a family of businessmen and wanted to be an even better businessman than his father, started from the basic level to learn about merchandise, communication with customers and the secrets of sales, while Jason wanted to acquire skills that would be necessary for his future job, such as cooperation, communication and leadership skills. The three internships were in different fields: Kerim studied sales management at Decathlon, Jason learned about marketing at DiamondDream Bookstore, and Paul interned at FLIS ECE department to nurture the future through education.



During the conversation, the high school students generously shared with the audience their daily routines, the difficulties they encountered, and short stories that gave them a sense of accomplishment. Paul mentioned his experience teaching math to kindergarten kids, which was at first frustrating but also taught him a lot - he found that some students learned the same content faster and others were slower to grasp it. But he eventually realized that every child is unique, and naturally, they need to learn in different ways. He could teach them in different ways. Thus, Paul practiced critical thinking again, using different means and trying new solutions until he solved the problem.



The students also told us what they enjoyed most about their internships: Kerim especially remembered the relaxing moment of unloading and sorting the products on the shelves, Jason highlighted the moment when he finished designing a poster for the bookstore, and Paul mentioned the fun of playing with the kids: they were very curious about the world and would constantly ask unique questions and give answers in a way that they could understand, which was also a very interesting experience.



Although the jobs that the three students interned in may not be related to their future ambitions, Mr. Jon said that even if the fields are not related, the experiences are still interconnected: communication skills and teamwork skills are involved in every job. Therefore, every experience is valuable.

愿高中生们真诚的分享能为MYP学子带来一些启发。感谢他们,我们下期FLIS TALK再会!

May the sincere sharing of the high school students bring some inspiration to the MYP students. Thanks to them, and we will meet again in the next FLIS TALK!