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幼儿部 ECE Program

Welcome to the Fuzhou Lakeside International School 
Early Childhood Education Program 

★ 智趣结合的主题式教学
★ 基于幼儿五大关键领域的教学方案
★ 安全、温暖并且友善的学习生活环境
★ 强调个体、崇尚自由

■ What is the program like?  ECE项目(幼儿部)是什么?

Our Nursery, Preschool and Kindergarten day classes offer a unique experience in international early years’ development. In our Early Childhood Education (ECE) program, you’ll find an extension of the family, a place where children feel welcomed, loved, nurtured, and inspired.  

We offer a warm and stimulating educational setting with an innovative timetable and caring teachers who focus on developing the skills your child needs for primary school by the time they leave ECE; along with increased self-confidence, kindness and a healthy appetite for learning!
At Fuzhou Lakeside International School (FLIS) ECE program, we provide a nurturing environment for children aged 3 to 6 years old.  Children are at the heart of the ECE program - experiencing the joy of learning through themes that are based on their needs and preferences; their interests help guide the learning experiences we offer. For us, it is most important that children see themselves as quite capable learners and know they are valued and understood.

在福州西湖国际学校ECE项目中,我们为3至6岁儿童提供温暖而启迪心智的教育环境。ECE项目以孩子为中心 - 在此,他们通过基于幼儿需要及偏好设置的主题式学习,感受学习的快乐;而孩子们的兴趣,也帮助我们更好地在学习中引导他们。对我们来说,最重要的是孩子们认可自己的学习能力和价值所在,并明白他们是受到尊重、理解的。


■ How will children learn? 孩子们在此如何学习?

The ECE program uses a theme-based approach that emphasizes age-appropriate, hands-on learning and development through constructive play, teacher-led thematic games and activities, music and dance, and early literacy lessons.  Children immerse themselves in a different theme every two weeks.  Examples of themes include Animals, Foods, Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales, and The Environment.  These themes are emphasized across the daily teacher-led activities and across all Constructive Play Centers.

More specifically, our program is designed to help children learn age-appropriate content and concepts related to math and numeracy, language arts, science, social studies, physical education, and the arts.  We create a fun atmosphere which appeals to children by teaching through music and songs.  Not only do the songs repeat vocabulary from classroom themed activities, but they are also used with dance movements to help children develop their gross motor skills, balance, and other physical attributes.  Parents are greatly encouraged to play the songs at home as often as they can, for example at meal times, while at play, bath time, or while in the car.

FLIS knows the responsibility it has to children and families. Our staff and teachers value the connected partnership with parents and their involvement in their child’s learning journey.

Co-teaching effectively facilitates the English language learning environment where both Chinese and English cultures are valued. Each class has an experienced ECE team, comprising of one English speaking and one Chinese and English speaking teacher who plan together for the learning needs of individual children. Along with a kind and patient caregiver or “Auntie,” they provide an engaging environment where children interact naturally, and feel comfortable immersed in the English language and culture; with more support for those new to school, children begin to move easily between cultures. Such an accomplishment contributes positively towards a child’s future success in school, and later, performing well in a global world.



■ What are the aims of the program? ECE项目的目的为何?

Overall, the ECE program aims to respect and celebrate children’s differences while providing exceptional growth in early childhood development, appealing to children’s unique learning styles, and engaging their multiple intelligences to learn content and concepts. In this way, we can ensure that children are well prepared to enter primary school.  

The FLIS ECE program follows a whole-child approach to learning and development with a focus on five fundamental areas of early childhood development: Cognitive, Linguistic, Artistic, Physical, & Socio-Emotional (CLAPS).


Cognitive: perception, mental processing, reasoning, logic, & numeracy
Linguistic: listening, speaking, reading, & writing (multilingual)
Artistic: expression through visual arts, theatrical arts, music, & dance
Physical: gross motor movement, fine motor movement, & physical fitness
Socio-Emotional: self-awareness, empathy, morals, cooperation, & community

■ What about play time? 有关游戏时间?

We believe the FLIS ECE program is Fuzhou’s most brilliant international early childhood education program providing a creative space for children in surroundings that appeal to their sense of play and curiosity. It is a known fact that children learn best through play. Theorists and philosophers agree on this and it is core to our curriculum at FLIS ECE classes and camps. 

We believe a solid learning environment can make a huge difference as to how your child advances in the early stages of development, influencing how your child grows emotionally, intellectually and physically throughout their school life and beyond. Tremendous benefits are achieved by igniting a passion for fun and letting children’s imaginations flourish through play; of course, offering much needed routines and structure are also essential - by being involved in group led activities as well as allowing children the freedom of choosing to play as they wish. Within our daily timetable, we have a number of set group led sessions where the children participate together. In between these it is all about constructive learning centers and free flow play; allowing the maximum theme-based level of inspiration possible where imaginations can thrive. Play promotes emotional well-being and builds confidence, actively motivating children to learn new things without the need to attain a particular end goal. We encourage FLIS families to nurture children’s needs and follow their direction as much as they can – they’re all bound to have a much more enjoyable journey together!


我们相信,一个良好的学习环境能对孩子们是否在早期发展阶段领跑产生极大的影响,这对他们在校园生活及未来的情感、智力及体能成长方面亦有影响。通过激发孩子们的兴趣让他们在游戏同时发挥自己的想象力,能够产生诸多好处;当然,提供足够所需的日常授课和学习框架也是必要的 - 通过让孩子们参与小组活动,也让他们拥有选择喜爱的游戏的自由。在我们的日常授课中,孩子们会共同参与许多小组活动环节,也间杂着许多建构性学习和在自由活动时间进行的游戏;我们鼓励孩子们在主题课程框架内产生的各种奇思妙想。游戏可以激发孩子们完善自身的种种情感,建立自信,活跃的孩子能够不断地学习到新鲜事物,甚至不必设立特别的终极目标。我们希望,西湖国际学校这个大家庭能在孩子们的成长道路上一路随行!我们必能拥有一段令人愉悦的旅程。