综述 Overview

Fuzhou Lakeside International School

Fuzhou Lakeside International School (FLIS) is founded in 2012 to offer international education program from Preschool to Grade 12. It is the only Fuzhou international school examined and approved by the Fujian Ministry of Education. The school is authorized to accept foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. FLIS employs foreign teachers who are predominantly certified in the U.S, U.K and Canada. All teaching staffs are required to hold valid teaching certifications and relevant professional degrees from highly recognized colleges and universities.

福州西湖国际学校(Fuzhou Lakeside International School)创建于2012年,是福建省福州市唯一一所经教育部门审批的国际学校。学校目前开设有幼儿园、小学、初高中各年级,拥有三十多位专业外教、四十多位双语助教组成的师资团队,为学生营造全英文教学环境,打造国际化、现代化、个性化的国际学校。

教育使命 ▏Education Mission 

FLIS is committed to cultivating outstanding students through a challenging International curriculum, an English language teaching environment, value-oriented education, and high-quality academic standards. We will create and maintain an environment that fosters personal responsibility, civic responsibility, and lifelong learning.

校训 ▏School Motto

Dignity, which stands for the relationship between the individual and the inner self, and stimulates the inner self-reflecting ability and self-improvement ability of human beings. Therefore, the curriculum design includes physical fitness, health, music, art, reading, morality, values and more, to build individual competences, while correcting the negative aspects of human nature.

Respect, which stands for personal relationship with society. The main purpose of the course is to strengthen students' interpersonal and self-control skills. Through social science, behavioral science, and other courses, the objective is to build up understanding, compassion, respect, tolerance, logic, organization, communication, expression and other skills to promote harmonious relations with others.
恕- (Respect), 代表个人与社会的关系,主要目的在强化学生的人际关系以及自我控制能力,课程主要透过社会科学、行为科学等等课程建立理解、同情、尊重、忍让、逻辑、组织、沟通、表达等等能力,促进与他人的和谐关系。

Knowledge, which stands for the relationship between individuals and their environment. It aims for the learning and application of science, knowledge and skills. Language ability is an important tool to acquire knowledge.With the evolution of civilization, knowledge, and inventions for the satisfaction of human needs and material enjoyment, through the understanding of the environment and life, our goal is to instill in students the concepts of sustainability, environmental protection and health, and lay a solid foundation for their future university study.
達- (Knowledge),代表个人与环境的关系,主要目的在于科学、知识、技能的学习及应用,语言能力更是获得知识的重要工具。随着文明的演进,知识和发明从满足人类的需求和物质的享受,透过对环境和生命的认识,引导学生观念走向永续、环保与健康,为他们未来大学的学习奠定夯实的基础。

Honor & Integrity, which represent the sublimation of personality, to become a better person. The edification of education, social contact and historical reference will lead to positive changes in personality among students, with attention to integrity and caring about honor. These are not only for personal improvement of an individual, but also the important characteristics for a future leader.
仁- (Honor & Integrity),代表人格升华,成为更好的人,透过教育的熏陶,社会的接触和历史的借镜,让学生在人格是产生质量的变化,重视诚信,爱护荣誉,这是个人修为的提升,也是作为未来领导人重要特质。

教育理念 ▏Educational concept

1、FLIS should recognize its role in the collective aspect and provide development opportunities for all students through its diverse curriculum and services. 

2、FLIS should train students to do their best to fulfill social responsibilities, including their world citizenship.

3、The faculty and staff, along with students and parents, should support FLIS through different cultural and educational efforts, forming an educational cooperative relationship with the school.

4 、FLIS should develop different learning styles according to different students' abilities and interests so as to enhance personal development.

5、FLIS should provide students with an atmosphere conducive to learning, a safe and orderly environment and the necessary infrastructure, as well as efficient and well-trained staff.

6、FLIS should encourage a relationship of mutual trust, respect, and positiveness, and encourage collaboration among students, teachers, and the administrators.

7、FLIS should equip students with the skills to cope with a changing society and job market.

8 、FLIS should provide opportunities to learn skills and knowledge so that students can lead productive lives.

9、FLIS should instill in students a desire to learn, acquire skills, and live to learn.

10 、FLIS should promote a positive attitude among students about self-worth, acceptance and self-affirmation.