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School Events丨降温前不可错过的户外狂欢 欢迎光临南瓜王派对!


October is always a month that kids look forward to during the school year: in addition to the long vacation at the beginning of the month, Halloween at the end of the month is arguably many students’ favorite holiday! This year, the students at Fuzhou Lakeside International School celebrated Halloween in a more traditional way. Perhaps you think that Halloween is nothing more than a collection of fancy costumes and a cosplay feast - but in fact, as long as you participate enthusiastically, it is also a holiday that requires a lot of hands-on brain power from the students.



During the morning hours, we had our usual Halloween parade and trick-or-treating activity. There is a theory that many Halloween traditions were influenced by Celtic peoples, who believed that the last day of October was the end of summer and the beginning of winter, and since this was the time when everything was dying, it was also very suitable for commemorating the dead, and Halloween became the "ghost festival" in the West over time. The Halloween parade not only displayed the students' wild costumes, but also deterred the "evil spirits". Students and faculty enjoyed a good outdoor parade before the temperature dropped to a chilling level!


今年FLIS万圣节活动的主题为“Fall into Fun at Our PumpKING Patch (欢迎光临南瓜王派对)! ”南瓜是万圣节期间频繁出现的意象之一。大家都知道杰克南瓜灯,但南瓜和万圣节具体有什么关系呢?据说,“杰克”是一名得罪了魔鬼的男子,死后进不了天国或地狱,只能在阴间流浪,用一棵打了洞的大头菜装点炭火照明。这一传说给了世人灵感,而移民美洲的苏格兰及英格兰人则把大头菜换成美洲盛产的南瓜,“杰克南瓜灯”就此诞生。巡游及讨糖活动结束后,师生们回到班级进行万圣节DIY、雕刻南瓜灯……考验巧手的时间到!请欣赏今年的最佳南瓜灯奖~

The theme for this year's FLIS Halloween event is "Fall into Fun at Our PumpKING Patch!" Pumpkins are one of the most frequent symbols seen during Halloween. We all know about Jack-o'-lanterns, but what is the relationship between pumpkins and Halloween? It is said that "Jack" was a man who bargains with Satan and is doomed to roam the Earth with only a hollowed turnip to light his way. This legend inspired the world, and the Scottish and English immigrants to the Americas replaced the turnip with pumpkins, which are abundant in the Americas, and the "Jack-o'-lantern" was born. After the parade and trick-or-treating activities, teachers and students returned to their classes for Halloween DIY and pumpkin lamp carving. It's time to test their skills! Please enjoy this year's Best Pumpkin Award!



In the afternoon, the Halloween Gala Games officially kicked off. We have prepared a number of Halloween games such as Haunted House, Halloween Pinata, and Mummy Wrap, where students of the same age and mixed age work together in teams to compete, which also reflects the IB learner's traits of "Communicator" and "Risk-Taker". It is worth mentioning that this year the high school students organized the haunted house program. In this elaborate asylum, players have to find the keys to the cages, avoid the crazy nurses, look for the rings and bracelets hidden in all corners, and finally reveal the secrets of the whole asylum…




See you next Halloween for another spooky good time!!